R. Lacombe: Thoughts after Newtown


I am convinced that we live in a world of intense hostility and violence, and are exposed to evil acts by individuals perhaps born with a chemical deficiency of their brains. It is a reminder of a primitive society, lacking refinement, mercilessly cruel toward humanity.

It will demand a gargantuan effort by all levels of government to find effective means to protect against future mass killings of innocent children and adults. Most importantly, it will take a complete revision of the gun laws, with stipulations for greater regulation of the use of semi-automatic weapons, regardless of any opposition by the NRA.

After what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School, I fully support parents who consider home-schooling their children. Looking at past massacres, they seem to have similar scenarios of premeditated executions.

Parents should be cautious when a family member develops symptoms that could lead him to commit such a pernicious crime.

My profound condolences and prayers go to the families of the children and adults who were viciously killed.

May God bless our young men and women still in harm’s way, and the United States of America.

Robert Lacombe, Sabattus