R. Poisson: The price of a church, and its bells


Most of my brothers and sisters were born in New Auburn. While I was very young, when we went to church on Sundays, I was impressed by the beauty of St. Louis Church.

Now that the church has been closed, the people of Lewiston and Auburn would like to have the bells that we used to hear all the time. Auburn officials would like to place the bells somewhere in New Auburn. Seeing those bells would bring back lots of good memories.

They are being sold by the Diocese of Portland for $12,000. To get the bells, people must raise the money before a deadline in December. Getting those bells is not going to be easy. About $8,000 has been raised so far.

I cannot believe that the Diocese is so poor that it needs that money. I believe it has enough money. The church teaches charity and goodwill to man. But if people here cannot raise the money in time, what in the world will the Diocese do with the bells? Sell them to another church?

Those bells were bought and paid for by the citizens of New Auburn during the past 100 years, with their nickels, dimes and quarters.

The Diocese sold the rest of St. Louis Church for $75, and wants $12,000 for its bells?

Robert Poisson, Lewiston