R. Prior: Supports health care access


Franklin County citizens should consider voting for Ed David as their representative to the Maine House of Representatives.

I have known and worked with him in Franklin County for nearly 40 years, cooperating to provide health care and legal services. I know that he will work with Republicans and Democrats on behalf of the community and will spend no time on divisive partisan politics. He is a strong advocate for better government support for health care access.

He is in favor of overturning Maine government’s refusal to accept the addition of 70,000 Mainers to MaineCare and the resulting addition of more than $300 million per year to Maine’s economy.

As a physician, I know that lack of health insurance causes unnecessary suffering, illness and death. As a former medical director for MaineCare, I know the importance of health insurance for all Maine citizens.

My choice is Ed David.

Roderick Prior, Farmington