R. Worthley: The governor’s duty


There is a group that has tried to use the race card on Gov. Paul LePage. It didn’t work. Then the intimidation factor, and that didn’t work. Then the bullying trick; no good. And now I just read he is being called a tyrant.

What next? A czar or dictator?

A person would have to be a grade-school dropout to believe any of that simple-minded thinking. It is really just opposition to his cost-cutting plans.

Look at the simple facts: It is his duty and job to balance the budget. Is he going to raise taxes on the working people who already pay close to 50 percent of their wages on taxes to support the welfare state? Or should he find ways to eliminate funds to the professional leeches so aid can go to the ones who are truly in need?

Maine is considered the welfare state and attracts leeches from all over the country and world to reap the harvest.

If groups or charities want to bring in people, that’s OK, but they should be forced to pay for them and not burden the hard-working taxpayers who are barely surviving themselves.

Instead of voting party line, I urge support for people who are working in the interests of Maine people, not special interest people.

Robert Worthley, Roxbury