That’s not rain


Once again the Androscoggin County Commission is acting like they have no regard for the citizens they represent, or the responsibility that they have been charged with.

Going to court costs money, and legal fees certainly are not cheap. There is no logical reason to have to start the hiring process all over when a qualified candidate has been chosen.

The first time I wrote I suggested that everyone in the county should write a letter demanding the resignation of Commission Chairman Elmer Berry. Now, I have changed my mind. I think every citizen should send a letter demanding that the entire County Commission be abolished. I really do not know of anything worthwhile that they have accomplished in a very long time.

What really irks me, is the lame excuses that they use for their actions, as if we are gullible enough to believe them. Judge Judith Sheindlin wrote a book entitled, “Don’t Pee on my Leg, and Tell Me It’s Raining.”

I think that it is time for the Androscoggin County commissioners to read it. Maybe then they will act honestly and stop trying to excuse their behavior.

Angelo Giberti, Lewiston