Rangeley Health welcomes director


RANGELEY — Scott Stinchcomb of Wilton is the new executive director of the Rangeley Region Health and Wellness Partnership.

His extensive background in the fitness industry and health club management includes working at the University of Maine at Orono as the strength and conditioning coach, the University of Southern Maine as the fitness and wellness manager, and as a health club manager in California. Those experiences make him a key player among the team at The Rangeley Fitness Center.

The Rangeley Health and Wellness Partnership is a nonprofit organization that partners with Franklin Memorial Hospital and Health Reach. Along with his fitness team, Stinchcomb is working to get the community more involved by creating an accessible, affordable facility that offers promotions, monthly events and payment plans. A workplace wellness program has been developed, which allows all businesses in the community, regardless of their size, to purchase a discounted annual membership with an added option of utilizing a payment plan.

On the horizon, the Rangeley Region Health and Wellness Partnership and Stinchcomb hope to continue to effectively meet the health and fitness needs of the Rangeley community by creating and developing exciting, engaging programs, updating the website and collaborating with existing businesses and organizations.