Rangeley man sentenced for domestic assault


RANGELEY — A Rangeley man was sentenced Friday to serve 10 days of an 18-month sentence and two years of probation after he pleaded guilty to violating conditions of release, domestic assault and criminal mischief.

Frank McConnell III, 19, was arrested last fall on several charges, including those he pleaded guilty to in Franklin County Superior Court in Farmington.

He was accused of assaulting a pregnant woman and stalking her last year.

The state dismissed the charge of misdemeanor domestic violence stalking and a 2010 count of violation of condition of release in a plea agreement.

Rangeley police would have testified that McConnell went to his girlfriend’s residence and kicked in a door and verbally threatened her and beat her up before running out the door. The Rangeley officer saw fresh bruises on her and bleeding from her nose, Robinson said. McConnell had smashed a lamp and assaulted her under the cover of darkness, he said.

McConnell also admitted to police that he went and spent the night at the woman’s house on Dec. 14, 2009, which violated a no-contact provision of his release, Robinson said.


Besides the sentence on the felony charge of violation of condition of release and the 10 days concurrent for each of the misdemeanors, Robinson laid out some probation conditions.

He is to have no possession of alcohol or drugs and is subject to random search and testing. He also needs to undergo substance abuse counseling and any treatment deemed necessary. McConnell must also complete a certified batterers intervention program and a parenting course. He was ordered to pay $500 restitution within 60 days.

He is to have no contact with the victim, who is also the mother of his unborn child, except for between the hours of 6 a.m. and 10 p.m., Robinson said. The victim would like to have no contact limitations with McConnell as long as he is sober so that he could help her with the baby, which is due in a month, he said. The limitations set up a safe zone, he said.

After hearing from the victim, Justice Michaela Murphy agreed to the sentence and the contact restrictions. She also said that those could be reviewed if a probation officer sees that everything is going OK.

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