Rangeley to serve unorganized territories


FARMINGTON – County commissioners voted Tuesday to approve $34,021 in contracts with Rangeley for fire protection and solid waste disposal services for a portion of the unorganized territories.

The contracts are good from July 1 through June 30, 2007.

The charge for solid waste disposal services is for $22,100. That’s 8.44 percent of the town of Rangeley’s costs. The town will provide a transfer station, demolition debris landfill for solid waste disposal and a recycling center.

The fire protection service charge is $11,921.

The contract area is within the legal boundaries of northern Franklin County.

The contract covers fire protection for structures, vehicles and airplanes. Woodland, field and trash burning will be the responsibility of the area fire warden.

Charges for fire services not included in the contract will be billed at $100 an hour per truck and $10 per hour per man. Standby vehicles, which are not used at the fire scene or for water transfer, will be billed at $65 per hour. Northern Franklin County will be responsible for any charges for additional assistance at a fire.

Commissioners also gave Sheriff Dennis Pike permission to put three older vehicles that wouldn’t pass inspection without considerable work out to bid.

Pike said he doesn’t expect much for the vehicles considering age and condition but is hoping he could use the proceeds to buy a used truck for use around the jail and sheriff’s grounds and buildings.

Vehicles going out to bid are a 1985 Chevrolet Blazer with a diesel engine, a 1976 Dodge four-wheel drive pickup truck with a six-cylinder gas engine and a 1956 International panel truck, four-wheel drive.

Pike said someone who likes antique vehicles may like to buy the 1956 truck and restore it.

Bids will be opened at the next meeting.

In other business, commissioners also approved selling old county computers, a copier, furniture and other county-owned property that has been put in storage at a county yard sale to coincide with a downtown community event.

The computers would be stripped of any confidential information.