Reader longs to hear childhood song again


DEAR SUN SPOTS: At times you help people find words to an old song. I wonder if you might have the lyrics for one I found hilarious as a teenager way back in the 1940s. It ended with the words “Can’t get away to marry you today; my wife won’t let me.”

Do you know if there is a recording of it? It would give me such pleasure to hear it again.

Thank you for your efforts and for your wonderful column. It’s the first thing I read in the Sun Journal. — No Name, Farmington

ANSWER: Sun Spots had no difficulty locating the lyrics for “There Was I Waiting at the Church,” but perhaps because it’s an old song (1906) a recording was much harder to come by. There is an MP3 of it available at for 99 cents. Perhaps another reader will have a recording of the song they’d be wiling to share.

If you have a record player, you might try one of the stores that sells old LPs:

* Enterprise Records, 613A Congress St., Portland, 773-7672

* The Record Connection, 254 Main St., Waterville, 873-1798

“There Was I Waiting at the Church”

by Fred W. Leigh (melody) and Henry E. Pether, 1906

I’m in a nice bit of trouble, I confess;

Somebody with me has had a game.

I should by now be a proud and happy bride,

But I’ve still got to keep my single name.

I was proposed to by Obadiah Binks

In a very gentlemanly way;

Lent him all my money

So that he could buy a home,

And punctually at twelve o’clock to-day —


There was I, waiting at the church,

Waiting at the church, waiting at the church;

When I found he’d left me in the lurch.

Lor, how it did upset me!

All at once, he sent me round a note

Here’s the very note, this is what he wrote:

“Can’t get away to marry you today,

My wife, won’t let me!”

Lor, what a fuss Obadiah made of me

When he used to take me in the park!

He used to squeeze me

till I was black and blue,

When he kissed me he used to leave a mark.

Each time he met me he treated me to port,

Took me now and then to see the play;

Understand me rightly, When I say he treated me,

It wasn’t him but me that used to pay.

Just think how disappointed I must feel,

I’ll be off me crumpet very soon.

I’ve lost my husband — the one I never had!

And I dreamed so about the honeymoon.

I’m looking out for another Obadiah,

I’ve already bought the wedding ring,

There’s all my little fal-the-riddles

Packed up in my box

Yes, absolutely two of ev’rything.

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