Reader looking for animal cause for yard sale stuff


DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have been helping my mother clean out closets and have some things to donate to a yard sale. I would love for it to benefit animal shelters if possible , but any worthy cause will do. I was also curious if you knew anywhere that could use empty 35-mm film containers? — Angie, Sabattus

ANSWER: Sun Spots has donated items to both Tommy’s Feral Felines and the Kennebec Valley Humane Society, which hold summer yard sales, but neither of those, and many others, do not accept clothing. With yard sale season just around the corner, Sun Spots suggests readers let her know of any upcoming sales sponsored by nonprofit groups looking for donations.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I love your column. A while back, I used to have a copy of “Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days” diet. Wondering if anyone would have a copy. I misplaced mine. Many people used to do this diet a week before they went to the doctors.   

Also, how long should it take for a card to be delivered by the U.S. Post Office? We mailed a card on Sunday to our daughter-in-law in New Hampshire and she did not receive it until Thursday. They live on the border of New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Thank you for your help.  — No Name, Lewiston

ANSWER: Sun Spots wants to know why you’d want to lose weight before going to the doctor. Isn’t that kind of effort traditionally used for high school reunions and weddings? At any rate, online there were several variations on that theme when Sun Spots googled that phrase, including an all-juice diet. She does not recommend these rapid weight loss techniques, however; they tend to just create a yo-yo effect of weight loss and subsequent gain.

As for your postal delivery delay, that delivery time is not typical. Usually a letter from southern Maine to most parts of New Hampshire or Massachusetts would get there in two days; your letter took three days (remember that mail posted on Sunday does not go out until Monday).

Delays can be caused for many reasons. When Sun Spots worked at the Post Office, she saw letters go astray for several reasons. Sometimes two cards get stuck together, or the zip code is off by a digit or not clearly legible. Sometimes it’s just plain old human error.

In many smaller post offices, the mail is still sorted by hand, with the carriers for each route responsible for putting their mail in a rack. The slots in these racks are close together, and it’s easy to place a letter in a neighbor’s slot.

The Post Office really does do a remarkable job under difficult circumstances and declining revenues. But don’t count on rapid delivery. Mail early!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am the daughter of Dr. L.A. Kamm, whom you may have known, or whose paintings you may even currently have on the walls of your home. (The paintings were just signed “Kamm,” followed by the year in which they were painted).

It was my dad’s intention that his collection of paintings be publicly displayed at United Baptist Church upon his death in 2004, but it was never possible for the church to display them. The paintings were kept in storage by the church until they realized they would need to move out of the old building because it was in need of such extensive repairs.

At that point, the paintings were all given away. I had no knowledge of all of this at the time and would very much like to have his paintings in my own home since his wishes were not able to be fulfilled. I would be particularly interested in having “Capitano Donaldo Ducky” and “Michelangelo Mouser.”

If you would be willing to part with any of his paintings you may have in your possession, please let me know.

You can contact me by phone at 770-333-0535. Locally, you can also contact Diane Francouer at 783-6881. — Lynn Kamm, Georgia

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I want to thank your readers for their help in the past in supporting Turner Elementary School. Our school is collecting Box Tops 4 Education and Campbell soup labels to raise money for our school. Our goal this year is $1,500. If any readers have some they would like to donate, they can be mailed to me at 5 Brookfield Estates, Turner, ME 04282. Thank you.— Laurie Labbe, Turner

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