Reader shares easy sweet pickle recipe



7 cups cukes (3 long green European cukes), sliced thin (I used a mandoline slicer)

1 med.-large onion, sliced thin (on mandoline)

1 med. green pepper, cut up

1 cup vinegar (I use red)

1-3/4 cup sugar

2 Tbsp. celery salt

Put sugar and celery salt in vinegar and mix. Pour over vegetable mixture. Put in a container with a tight lid. Refrigerate. Shake often. Ready tomorrow!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: If people are looking for Dorea the seamstress, she is still in business and going strong. She is the best. Thank you. — A customer of Dorea.

RESPONSE: Thanks for your input. Sun Spots is often asked for the names of seamstresses and tailors and did include Dorea’s name and contact information in a list on July 1. The list included:

* Alice Hilton, Gardiner area, 207-582-3759

* Alterations by Judy, Lewiston, 207-783-6201

* Cecile Giguere, Lewiston, 207-784-3028

* Chez Dorea, Dorea Fortier, Lewiston, 207-333-0755

* Mainly Sewing, Auburn, 207-783-9406

* Nita Brissette, Nita’s Alterations, Turner, 207-212-3766

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am looking for a bus trip to Foxwoods Casino, either a weekend tour or overnight. Or, are there any groups of people getting together with carloads going for the weekend this fall? — Martha via Facebook.

ANSWER: Northeast Charter & Tour Co. offers many casino trips to New England casinos. Trips include food vouchers and free bets. Casino packages start at $39. For more information, call 207-784-3159, toll free at 888-593-6328 or email [email protected] Another charter bus company that schedules regular stops to Foxwoods Resorts Casino is Cyr Bus Line. Prices vary depending on whether you request a single, double or triple room. Call Cyr Bus Line at 1-800-244-2335 to find out if a ride is scheduled on a weekend you want to go.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Regarding service dogs, what color harness do they wear? This summer I have seen two dogs with red harnesses, one was seen in a store riding in a cart and the other at a fast food restaurant. Recently I saw a black lab puppy leaving the CMMC hospital with a blue harness. Also, who is responsible for checking on these puppies in training at CMMC? — No Name, No Town.

ANSWER: Sun Spots checked with the National Service Animal Registry. They state: “There are no standard colors for service dogs or for a service type. Most people use solid red or green for their service vests or harnesses because these colors ‘look’ official.” The Central Maine Medical Center uses inpatient pet therapy dogs certified through the National Pet Therapy Foundation. “In some cases, other dogs may be allowed to visit the hospital, if approved by the patient’s physician and CMMC’s Security Department.” For more information about the Therapy Dog Program at CMMC, contact Sue Bowie at 207-795-2472.

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