Readers offer other options for selling on eBay


DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am writing to give you an update and some more information. Last fall I wrote to you and replied that I would make rain barrels for the people looking for them, and I did. A couple of people were just asking and a couple were buying, so it worked out. In this morning’s paper I read that somebody was looking for help with an eBay item.

If you would pass on my number (786-9116) and e-mail address ([email protected]), I would be glad to help him. I am on eBay every day and have a 100 percent rating with more than 200 transactions. I am located here in Auburn and that would save some driving time. Thank you for help and your time, — Stephen J. Martelli, Auburn

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Goin Postal in Auburn is an eBay power seller. Nola can sell an item on eBay for Ray. They are located next to Tin Tin at 120 Center St. — Scott Hebert, [email protected], 555-1212

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I enjoy your column every day and appreciate the service you provide the community. Many times in the past, I have considered writing to you about requests I’ve seen in your column, but haven’t had the opportunity.

I am writing about the March 27 request from a gentleman in Lewiston who was looking for someone to help him sell some items on eBay. I was pleased to see your response to him included a comment on the current state of the economy and your words of caution regarding people who may be less than scrupulous. It conveys to me the depth of the service you provide to your readership.

I have a secondhand/antique shop in Lewiston that is more or less an indoor flea market where we sell a wide variety of vintage and used merchandise and collectibles. Other services we provide are space rental for people who wish to sell merchandise on their own, as well as in-store consignment and sales services using the major Internet auction sites.

We also buy all kinds of merchandise and estates directly, as well as provide clean out services. Our rates are very reasonable and consignment rates vary based on the value of the merchandise we are dealing with. It is our opinion that it requires no greater effort to sell something for 500 than it does to sell something for $5, so our consignment rates (percentage) decline dramatically as the value of the item increases (so the owner of the item gets more of what they deserve). Thank you for your time and the great column! — Dan Beaudoin, owner, Humble-Bobbs Secondhand Marketplace, 2178 Lisbon St., Lewiston, 577-6746

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I own Maine Gourmet Chocolates in Auburn. Recently there was a story on the front page about the Seniors Meals On Wheels ChocoLArt event, and I was included in the article for winning the People’s Choice Award. Would you please print my phone number and e-mail address for those who wish to contact me for items? Thank you. — Stephanie Bernatchez, 783-8472, [email protected]

DEAR SUN SPOTS: My mother, Phillipa Wode, then living in Warwick, Queensland, Australia, had a pen pal friend in Strong, Maine, in the 1930s. Her name was Helen L. Newell. In 1935, my mother pulled out a few pages from her autograph book and sent them for Helen and others to sign. Helen’s signature, dated Dec.23, 1935, is followed by the signatures of Harland Day, Floyd W. Flagg (Box 45, RFD 3) and Ruby A. Doble (Box 88). Helen also sent a posy of dried flowers, spearmint and pansies, which my mother glued into the autograph book, now in my possession.

If any of your readers know anything about the people whose names I have given, I should really like to hear from them. I am an author writing a memoir of my mother. You can e-mail [email protected] or write Dr Stephany Evans Steggall, 16 Ann St., Kalbar, Queensland, Australia 4309. I shall be visiting New England in fall 2011, so perhaps I may even get to meet descendants of my mother’s pen pal! Thank you. — Stephany

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