Readers search for rhubarb recipes


DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am looking for recipes for strawberry rhubarb marmalade and orange rhubarb marmalade. My grandmother used to make these and sealed the jar tops with wax. Both were really great, and while I have many of her recipes, these are not among them. I think they may have come from a Grit magazine in the early to mid-1960s. I am wondering if any of your readers have these recipes and would be willing to share. Thank you. — Cindy Langley-Wilbur, [email protected]

ANSWER: There are several recipes for rhubarb marmalades online. Sun Spots can’t print them here without violating copyright, but you can look them up at

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am looking for a recipe for a two-crust strawberry rhubarb pie. If anyone out there has one, I would love to have it. Thanks. — Ann Miner, Turner

ANSWER: If you have access to a computer, there are many recipes for this pie online. Readers will surely offer their favorites as well.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: A few years ago, I read in Sun Spots about a lady in Carthage who cooked milkweed greens. My mother used to as well. I loved them but don’t remember what part of the milkweed she cooked. Does anyone out there know? — H.B., Livermore

ANSWER: You can find ways to cook milkweed at, and


DEAR SUN SPOTS: Once again to my rescue. I’m looking for the book “The State Boys Rebellion” by Michael D’Antonio. I was wondering if someone has one and no longer wants it. I will pay a reasonable price for it. Thank you. — Pauline, 782-8314

ANSWER: also has used copies of this book for sale for as little as $1.13 plus shipping.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Many thanks to all your wonderful readers for generously donating teacups to our first American Girl tea party in Dixfield, hosted by the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network.

The young ladies all arrived in their pretty party dresses or outfits, with their dolls in hand. Welcoming host Jacob York had a wonderful time doing crafts, holding a fashion show and sharing refreshments of sky bright cake and lemonade, served to the girls in the teacup of their choice, which they took home.

The girls have asked us to hold another party around Christmastime. We will be making a Christmas craft to send to the children at the Barbara Bush Unit of Maine Medical Center. We will be searching for more teacups soon. If you would like to donate, please e-mail [email protected] or call 357-8621. Again, thanks for all your help! — Diane Mitchell

DEAR SUN SPOTS: More than a month ago you furnished contact information regarding a baby book that extended all the way through high school. I believe the store was in Lewiston or vicinity. I would really appreciate this information as soon as possible. Needless to say I enjoy reading your column each day. Many thanks. — Anne Craig, [email protected] or 778-0169

ANSWER: You might want to check with Craft-Mania at 730 Center St. in Auburn, 783-8265. Also, Anita Poulin of AP Graphics and Fine Arts said she makes custom scrapbooks and has created one just for that purpose. She can be reached at 782-5118.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Scarlet O’Hatters Red Hats of Lisbon and surrounding towns have planned a bus trip on June 24 with Vacationland Tours to the Dunston Schoolhouse Restaurant in Scarborough for lunch. We will also visit the Nestling Duck gift shop, the South Portland Christmas Shop and the newly opened Goodwill Shop nearby.

The cost is $38, which includes the bus, lunch and tips. We have extra room on the bus. You do not have to be a red hat to come. The bus leaves Lewiston Exit 80 at 9 a.m., back at 4:30-5 p.m. If interested, call me at 353-2760. — Addie Yenco, Lisbon Falls

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