Realty Transfers, Oxford County


PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County.

LVNV Funding, LLC to Theodore and Yvonne Dawicki, in Sumner.

Gary and Audrey L. Clegg and Audrey L. Bailey to Savage Land Development LLC, in Newry.

Field Brothers Inc. and W. A. Field and Son LLC to Central Maine Equipment LLC, in Paris, West Paris, Buckfield and Sumner.

Day Brothers Inc. to Jason and Lisa Labbe, in Otisfield.

Carolyn F. Johnson and Lena H. M. Tyler to Toby Wayne Guilford, in Woodstock.

James G. Rowe to James G. and Janet H. Rowe, in Peru.

Douglas Allen Duguay to John and Bonnie Merchant, in Mexico.

E. John and Jerold R. Vaughn to E. John and Susan Vaughn, in Magalloway Plantation.

E. John and Jerold R. Vaughn to Jerold R. and Gina Vaughn, in Magalloway Plantation.

Terry W. Lord Sr. to Leila L. Lord, in Norway.

Sally Tomaselli to J. H. Holdings LLC, in Paris.

Androscoggin Properties LLC to Central Maine Power Co.

Peter G. Baker to Frank W. and Donna J. Lomastro, in Newry.

Jay G. and Amy M. Gaudette to Richard C. Cataloni, in Mexico.

Ricky D. Robbins to Richard C. Cataloni, in Rumford.

Maine Vest LLC and James W. Powers Inc. to David R. Spehar and Patrick C. Gundersen, in Newry.

Richard A. Tibbetts to R and D Land Sales Inc., in Otisfield.

R and D. Land Sales Inc. to Homestead Homes Inc., in Otisfield.

Richard A. Tibbetts and Dale R. Verrill to R and D Land Sales Inc., in Otisfield.

R and D Land Sales Inc. to Robert B. Hendry, in Otisfield.

Michael D. and Mary B. Labrecque to Jerome P. and Lisa A. Lizotte, in Otisfield.

Florence P. McLaughlin to Floyd and Valerie and Corey Sumner and April Sumner Harris, in Paris.

John W. Menthe Sr. to Brenda J. Medcoff, in Dixfield.

Debra J. Tillotson to Robert C. Tillotson , in Newry.

Kristin D. and Benjamin D. Jorgensen to Lucien R. and Catherine A. Dionne, in Bethel.

Richard W. Paige to Kenneth P. and Tammy L. Teale, in Rumford.

Frances J. Wobst to Scott C. Graffam and Patricia E. Fuller, in Norway.

Donald L. Libby to Donald P. and Xiao Han Libby, in Otisfield.

Christopher Ball to C. Ball and Company Inc., in Oxford.

Gail M. Eldridge Carter and Gail M. Eldridge to Bryan T. and Leslie A. King, in Newry.

James E. Havlin to James E. and Lorraine A. Havlin, in Hartford.

Norman A. Perham to Leon A. Jr. and Lloyd L. and Alexander L. Poland, in Woodstock.

Deborah J. Cornish to Bruce G. and Michelle K. Hodgkin, in Norway.

Troy Ripley to Nicholas J. and Aimee J. Ripley, in Paris.

Edwin E. and Janice Thayer to Floyd E. and Paula D. Thayer, in Oxford.

Kelly J. Bragg to Kelly J. Bragg and Brian J. Hooper, in Hartford.

Christopher W. and Kathi J. Hubbard to Robert M. and Janet L. Foote, in Bethel.

Marilee A. Cooper to N. Scott and Hsiu Lien Moore, in Oxford.

Jeffrey R. Cutler to Kenneth F. Gay Jr., in Otisfield.

Ronald J. and Barbara C. Arsenault to Erland Waterhouse and Sue Paul, in Dixfield.

Roland M. and Heidi J. Waterhouse to Michael T. Williams, in Mexico.