A reason for hope


This is in response to the article in the Sun Journal April 25 about Libby St. Pierre and her baby daughter, Emmy-Leigh Cole. I felt that I had to write this to let her know what special people she and her daughter are. In the darkest and saddest time, St. Pierre found a way to find good in it.

My son is a liver transplant recipient, going on five years now, thanks to some family in Connecticut who were suddenly put in that same situation and gave the greatest gift anyone could give — life.

We haven’t met the donor’s family, at their request. We have had contact with them through the mail.

I’ll never understand why bad things happen to good people, but I have realized that good people do amazing things to help other people.

St. Pierre gave another family a reason for hope, as do all donors. She, and her daughter, won’t be forgotten.

John Linnell, Auburn