In Rebuttal, M. Burgess: Gun ownership not under attack


The National Rifle Association doesn’t speak for me as a gun owner, nor does Sun Journal columnist V. Paul Reynolds speak for me as a hunter.

Reynolds sees only his narrow view as a gun owner and, apparently, sees that ownership to be under attack.

Hunting is already well regulated and most hunters I have associated with would be embarrassed if they couldn’t bring down a deer with a legal five-shot clip on their hunting rifles. They have no need or desire for the large clips holding many bullets or the assault-type rifles that are being targeted by gun control advocates.

He seems to feel any regulation means loss of all gun rights — the “slippery slope” of the NRA.

I think we are smarter than that.

The Second Amendment doesn’t preclude regulation; if it did, we could not prevent criminals or the mentally ill from keeping or bearing arms.

We regulate, but do not prohibit, the use of a car, an ATV, a boat, fishing, etc. A certain amount of regulation is necessary for us all to have a measure of freedom, protection and fair treatment.

Reynolds apparently yearns for return to the “anything goes” of pioneer days.

A person convicted of domestic assault or a felony cannot possess a gun, but we seem to have a hard time keeping guns out of those folks’ hands.

What can be done is limit the casualties from any one incident by prohibiting the sale and ownership of clips holding a large number of bullets and the speed the gun can discharge them (assault-type weapons).

We have decided, with our hunting laws, that animals deserve a fair chance, why not humans?

I find the hysterical response of rabid gun advocating groups, such as survivalists and white supremacists, most scary. Their beliefs are based on paranoia that everyone else is out to get them.

That is the trouble with basing gun ownership on mental condition. Who decides and how abnormal do you have to be to be prevented from buying a gun? What prevents you from buying a gun today and developing symptoms of mental illness next year? What prevents someone from stealing the gun of someone who hasn’t secured it?

That is not something that is going to be solved soon. We can severely limit large clips and assault-type weapons very quickly.

Reynolds supports putting an armed guard in every school: would he also include every movie theater, every mall, every public building?

I have visions of getting caught in a crossfire between the “good guys” and the “bad guys.” Does he think I should be ready to pull out my gun and join the shoot?

Marilyn Burgess, Leeds