Redistribution of wealth


I was at town hall to register a vehicle recently. Sitting before me was a woman probably in her 70s or 80s. She was trying to pay a small portion of her overdue sewer bill.

She asked how much she owed in back property taxes. She was informed that the town had placed a lien on her property for past-due taxes.

She stated that she had worked in a small, local mill for more than 50 years and was now retired and had only $50 a week to live on.

That really set me off.

The state pays welfare recipients rent subsidies. They get additional dollars per month in food stamps. They get free medical care for themselves and their children. They get a card from the state that they can draw cash from.

I wonder how many have ever worked a day in their lives, or have paid federal, state or the town in taxes.

That woman had worked, paid federal, state and local taxes her whole life and never received anything from anyone in return. Now she is in a position that if she can’t pay her property taxes, she will be thrown out into the street while her home is auctioned off for unpaid property taxes.

It is time America gave back to those who created this once-great country instead of rewarding those who have destroyed it.

Warren Packard, Rumford