Reggie’s Sales & Service: Grow and mow


It’s name – Reggie’s Sales and Service – may, technically describe the business, but it doesn’t begin to explain what they do or how they do it. Specialists in a wide range of outdoor power equipment, for lawn, garden, commercial landscaping and forestry, along with a broad array of protection and safety gear, Reggie’s is as much about service (and parts) as it is sales.

“Our goal,” said Reggie Emery Jr., a 20-year veteran of the business, “is to make sure our customers can get their work done, whether we’re talking about homeowners or woodsmen. We want to be sure they have the right equipment for their jobs, and that the equipment works the way it’s supposed to.”

With an extensive assortment of power equipment from such dependable names as Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo, Jonsred Chain Saws, and a new line of commercial-grade blowers and weed whackers from Shindawa, Reggie’s tools are built to last, to handle tough jobs in the field. “We know that time is money,” Emery explained. “We’ll keep you in the field.”

Reggie’s may be among the biggest independent purveyors of snow blowers and home-oriented winter gear in the Lewiston-Auburn area, but their biggest focus is on what comes out of the ground rather than what falls on to it. Reggie Emery Sr., a supplier to the most rugged outdoors industries for more than three decades, built the company’s reputation by servicing woodcutters. The company always has at least 250 chain saws in stock, including more than 40 different models, suitable for any size lot, variety or tree or harvesting operation. And Reggie’s will gladly fulfill any special orders that may be beyond their inventory, as well.

The company is a family-friendly enterprise that also meets homeowners’ needs, any time of year. “We have a great reputation for snow blowers and generators,” Emery said, “but our busy season really starts in the spring,” when mowers and landscaping equipment displace snow blowers in the big lot on the hill overlooking Minot Avenue, in Auburn. “Exmark, for example, is among the biggest names in mowing and landscaping, and they are constantly bringing the latest technological innovations to the industry,” Emery added.

But, while Reggie’s has always been about managing things that grow, new this year will be a focus on actually growing things. Beginning this spring, Reggie’s will add a new commercial greenhouse capacity to the Minot Avenue location, providing unusual varieties of vegetables, savories, flowers and seedlings. “Specialized peppers, for example,” Emery said, “or Oriental eggplants. People might be surprised by the variety of produce that can be grown in Maine.” Reggie’s greenhouse operation will offer grow-to-order plantings for landscapers, and also have a direct retail element.

“I’ve been growing for years,” Emery said. “We’ve had commercial greenhouses in the past. But moving to this location will be much more convenient for customers – lots of parking, more display space.” For several years, Reggie’s has given away tomato plants through local foodbanks, and to school and veteran organizations. “How great is it for people to be able to grow their own food?”

So, from the ground up, from seedling to harvest, through landscaping, tree trimming, wood cutting, and, finally to dealing with the snow that will ultimately cover everything, Reggie’s Sales and Service, 1334 Minot Avenue, will help you get it done.