Reject the change


This is to inform Oxford County citizens about the upcoming vote that could change the county’s operations. On June 8, voters will be asked to change the county treasurer from serving the people of the county to serving at the pleasure of the county commissioners.

I urge voters to reject that change in operations.

As county treasurer of Waldo County, I know how important it is that the treasurer’s office should be kept independent from pressures and the influence of county commissioners. I have testified before the Legislature that, as elected officers, we should report to the commissioners exactly what we think on any subject, not what we think they want to hear.

At present, we are responsible to the people; with the change, the county treasurer will be responsible only to the county commissioners.

In Knox County, the county treasurer was dismissed, after 12 years of service as an elected position, when the charter was changed, from what was, in my opinion, a matter of her politics.

Voters should not devalue their right to vote for those officers just because the county commissioners want to concentrate their power.

I urge residents to vote down the change.

David Parkman, Palermo

Waldo County treasurer