No relief from water


In reference to an editorial on page A6, “A refreshing compromise, ” (June 25) a clarification needs to be made.

The editorial stated “regions (such as Rangeley and Kingfield) targeted by bottlers for extraction need the economic boost it provides.” The extraction of water from our aquifer will not provide any economic benefits for Rangeley. If anything, the process will have the opposite effect.

The pumping station is located right next door in Dallas Plantation where 184 million gallons of water will be extracted each year. As a result, 100 to 200 tankers will rumble through our small, quaint town every day, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Concern for the negative impact on our aquifer and our tourist-based economy has led Rangeley’s residents to form an alliance challenging the actions of this foreign-owned company in Maine’s Supreme Court.

Jim Proctor, Rangeley

Chairman, Rangeley Crossroads Coalition