Religious right of the Borg


In a letter to the editor, Clem Bechard compared people with a liberal mindset to a creature from the T.V. show, Star Trek: The Next Generation (April 24). Apparently, the Star Trek creatures took humans and assimilated them into their group.

The writer charged that liberals and these creature both had no independent thought and that they “thought and spoke as one.” He also said that going against the liberal collective is a no-no and that individual thought is not permitted. After reading his letter I thought I was in the Twilight Zone as these descriptions sound a lot like the conservative religious right.

The writer stated that “leftists take the individualism right out” of our American society. I think Mr. Bechard needs to beam himself back to earth and take a look around. The simplest definition of a liberal is “a person favorable to progress or reform.” What you are describing has all the characteristics of a right-wing Storm Trooper.

The conservative right gained control of the country by swindling moderate Christians into thinking they know best. Now we are enduring the worst president and executive administration in the history of our country. Separation of church and state has blurred. Gay Americans are vilified; all Americans are subject to illegal wire tapping.

The wrong “enemy” was attacked while 9/11 terrorists remain at large.

The list of wrongs is long thanks to the “right.” Please, send me back to the future!

Mike Johnson, Windham