Reliving the 1970s


Mainers are taking the bus more this year than last, and public transportation workers are encouraged that the use will continue to rise.

The Land Use Regulation Commission has applications for wind farms in hand, and there is growing community support for construction of wind-collection towers.

A group of Mainers – mostly from Franklin County – have recently formed The Coalition to Reduce Dependence on Foreign Oil. Their goal: to urge Maine lawmakers to enact policies that support research and development of renewable energy sources.

Have gas and heating fuel just gotten too expensive? Or are we just suddenly struck with the reality that our dependence on fossil fuel is futile?

Who knows. And it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that we appear to be doing more than talking about conservation and alternative energy sources. We’re doing a little something about it.

Of course, we were also keen on conservation and alternative fuels in the 1970s but that just didn’t last because fuel got cheap again. We hope this recent movement is real, not some tired loop in the repeating cycle of history.