Remember veterans every day


This is in response to Betty Prindall’s letter, published April 29.

I fly my flag every day, and so do my neighbors. Maybe she should be informed of what those flags mean to our veterans.

It took me nearly 10 years to convince Gracelawn to install those flag poles. We should be so proud of those flags in memory of our veterans. I have had many thanks for helping to get those flags flying.

I don’t just remember my late husband (a World War II veteran) on Memorial Day. He is in my mind every day. And I have friends who feel the same way.

Those veterans didn’t have Easter off. They had to do their jobs, regardless of what holiday it was.

I don’t understand how any human being can say that the veterans should be honored only on Memorial Day.


I belong to two veterans organizations and I am proud of it.

Myrtle Cadenelli, Norway