Remembering Mildred Fox Elementary


OXFORD – The clock is ticking. Mildred Fox Elementary School’s time is almost up.

A small group of fifth-graders in the gifted and talented program have started a project to make sure the building’s history stays alive, and they are actively looking for people with stories about the old building.

They are putting together a documentary under the direction of Matthew Peinado, a gifted and talented teacher for SAD 17.

The Fox school, which houses kindergarten to third-grade students, will be closed after the February vacation. Students from there and the Madison Avenue Elementary School, which houses fourth- to sixth-graders will move into Paris Elementary, a new, high-tech school loaded with amenities for both students and staff.

The last day at the old schools will be Feb. 16. Between now and then, all students will be doing projects aimed at preserving history and easing the transition.

On Thursday at Madison Avenue, fifth-graders Kieran Sadler, Sawyer Harkins and Peter Miller worked with Peinado to plan the documentary. A fourth student, Van Kim, was absent.

Throughout the next month, the students will be collecting materials and doing live interviews. They will use digital technology to put the film together. Peinado discussed the five steps to the project with them – getting an idea, collecting information, organizing, editing and presentation.

The first task is to interview Principal Jane Fahey. The students were nervous about the interviewing process and, much like drawing straws, they drew pencils to see who would do the actual interviewing.

They have also created a podcast commercial to announce they need stories.

Peinado has already started collecting information. He fired up his laptop and showed the small group photos he took inside the school, and played a recording of kids singing the school song.

The three students talked among themselves about the old school, which they all attended, and speculated what the new school would be like.

“I remember the assembly hall area,” Sadler said.

Anyone with stories about the old school may contact Peinado at the Madison Avenue school at 744-0318.