Rep. Nancy Smith, D-Monmouth


District: Litchfield, Monmouth and Wales

Legislative service: Third term

Committees: Business, Research and Economic Development chairwoman

Bill record: 13 bills, nine signed, one carried over, three dead

Voting record

Budget: For

Tax reform: For

Bear trapping ban: For

Washington County slots at a tribal horse track: Against

Stiffer seat belt law: For

Increase term limits from 4 two-year terms to 6: For

In her role as House chairwoman of the Business, Research and Economic Development Committee, Nancy Smith focused much of her energy on economic development and issues affecting Maine’s small businesses.

A bill she helped work on expands Pine Tree Zone tax benefits to small and mid-sized businesses. A revised version of the bill applies to manufacturers who spend $225,000 in expansion and hire at least four new employees.

Another bill designed to aid small business was “An act to make BETR better,” involving the Business Equipment Tax Reimbursement program. The act clarifies that used equipment is eligible for reimbursement.

“Many of Maine’s small businesses, including farms like ours, survive through frugality, and buy used equipment,” said Smith, a farmer while not at the State House.

The BRED Committee also worked with the Appropriations Committee to establish bonds for economic development and looked at the cuts to certain programs in the budget. This summer committee members will meet with business owners to discuss the state’s business regulations.

Smith has been appointed to the new committee on prosperity, which will start reviewing issues of Maine’s economy and quality of life.