Rep. William Walcott, D-Lewiston


District: Part of Lewiston

Legislative service: Third term

Committees: Health and Human Services

Bill record: Five bills, one signed, four dead

Voting record

Budget: For

Tax reform: For

Bear trapping ban: Absent

Washington County slots at a tribal horse track: For

Stiffer seat belt law: For

Increase term limits from 4 two-year terms to 6: Against

William Walcott said most of his impact in this legislative session was through his work as a member of the Health and Human Services Committee, which examines legislation on medical issues, health care facilities, elderly care, MaineCare and welfare reform.

A resolve sponsored by Walcott sought to end welfare fraud in both the MaineCare and the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families programs.

The new statute he was behind requires the Department of Health and Human Services to study these issues and report back to his committee next year with suggested legislation.

Walcott said he made it a point to advocate for low-income people.

The committee heard 171 bills; 41 were signed into law. Most were killed either because they were deemed unconstitutional or just “not that big of an issue,” Walcott said.

When it came to floor votes, Walcott said the budget was the most difficult decision for him, as it represented cuts for mental health programs. He ultimately supported it.