Republicans gather for caucus


BETHEL — The Bethel Republican caucus was called to order on Feb. 21 at the Crescent Park School cafeteria by town chairman Arlan Jodrey.

Sarah Tucker was elected as caucus secretary and Stan Howe was elected caucus chairman. It was voted that Roberts Rules of Order would serve as a guide for any parliamentary procedure issues.

Elected as delegates to the State Convention in Portland in May were Chris Lee, Harry Faulkner, Stan Howe, Jarrod Crockett, Becky Kendall, Dennis Doyon, Andy Whitney, Paige Crockett, Bettyann Hastings, Rick Whitney and Scott Cole. Elected as alternate delegates were Ellen Whitney, Ann Crockett, Arlan Jodrey, Eleanor Jodrey, Alice Faulkner, Dorothy Bartlett, Gordon Crockett, Esther Crockett, Drew Webster, Judy Webster and Tami James.

Jarrod Crockett was selected to chair the delegation and to fill any vacancies that may develop among the Bethel delegates and alternates. Bettyann Hastings and Dorothy Bartlett were elected as delegates to the County Committee.

Arlan Jodrey declined nomination for another term as chair. Dennis Doyon was elected to chair the Bethel Town Committee. Re-elected were Sarah Tucker as vice chair, Stan Howe as secretary and Becky Kendall as treasurer.

The current bylaws were reaffirmed by vote of the caucus. Approved for ballot clerks were Muriel Butters, Pauline Davis, Esther Wilson, Alice Faulkner and Henry Messier. The caucus approved a $125 advertisement in the State Convention program booklet.

Following adjournment of the Bethel caucus, Republicans from Albany, Newry and Upton held their caucuses. Five candidates for governor or their representatives addressed the caucus. These included Steve Abbott, Bill Beardsley, Peter Mills, Les Otten and Bruce Poliquin. U.S. House candidate Jason Levesque also spoke briefly. State Senate candidate Sawin Millett also was present and spoke about his race to win the seat being vacated by a Democratic incumbent.