Requiem for Allan


On July 12, Paramedic Allan Parsons was laid to rest. While most of us slept, Allan lost his life in the early morning of July 5 in a horrific ambulance crash.

He died helping another. Helping people is what he did.

Like all in emergency services, Allan endured sleepless nights and long hours away from his family. He endured the foolish behaviors some patients frequently exhibit, along with every depravity humans can inflict upon one another.

Still, with a smile, he worked to make things better. He persevered because he knew, on occasion, his actions would mean someone would walk out of the hospital. Or ease the suffering of an elderly nursing home resident, long ignored by their family.

Or that holding the hand of a dying person made their passing easier.

Allan also knew something else: He knew at the end of each day, somewhere, someone would not go home. Death is an intrinsic part of our work, yet we feel insulated from it. It sometimes surprises us to find we’re subject to the same physical laws and emotions that govern the rest of the universe.

Allan joins our emergency service brothers and sisters who gave their lives in helping others. In recent memory, we have lost Paramedic Matt Jeton and Deputy David Rancourt to this cause.

Tomorrow, it could be any of us.

Today, shifts will change, equipment will be checked, and Maine’s emergency workers will still be there to help.

Rest in peace, Allan.

Charlie Mock, Holden