Retail fast facts to keep you in the know


• The new Cabela’s in Scarborough will have the largest aquarium in Maine (200,000 gallons).

• Seven years ago, Dunkin’ Donuts had one store for every 15,000 people in greater Boston and got warned the market was saturated; now it’s one for every 5,000.

• Rite Aid, which has good luck opening near post offices, expects the prescription market to grow eight to 12 percent a year, “no matter what any of us does” said its director of real estate, citing an aging population with increasing medication needs.

• Regal Entertainment Group, with 20 percent of U.S. movie tickets sales, won’t open a cinema within three miles of a competitor; movie studios split film distribution among closely located theaters.

• MiniLuxe, a new nail and beauty lounge chain, requires 75,000 people in a five-mile radius and median household incomes of $75,000-plus before setting up a new shop.

• Cinnabon, the minibakery with heavenly scents, is pushing 200- to 350-square-foot kiosks in malls that see at least 1,200 pedestrians per hour or 20,000 cars per day.

• Massage Envy, a spa chain based in Massachusetts, wants neighbors with women-driven sales like Kohl’s, Joanne Fabric and Linens-N-Things. It gave its three millionth massage in May 2007.

• Carvel Ice Cream stores like to be in shopping centers built since 1992.

• The sign over the exit at Five Below, a preteen-centric shop: buy, buy.

• Lamar Co., a New Jersey-based firm that specializes in redeveloping older malls, has bid on two local projects – the Auburn Plaza and a mall in Topsham – and lost both bids.

• Thirty-five percent of shoppers at Forever 21 are over 25.

• Not Your Average Joe’s, an upscaleish restaurant chain, likes to see 70 percent or more of the local population with some college education when it scouts locations.