Revised bylaws OK’d


RUMFORD – River Valley Growth Council directors unanimously approved revised bylaws at Wednesday’s night’s meeting.

The board also unanimously gave the nonprofit council’s Finance Committee authority to grant loan approvals without board consent, to charge a nonrefundable application fee of $200 to loan applicants, and to pay $800 for a work contract on the council’s Internet Web site, River Valley Connection.

Executive Director Rosie Bradley has been pushing directors to revise the bylaws since last year.

The changes, she said, specify the number of directors that each of the 10 towns can have, as well as the number of alternates. In the past, the council operated in violation of its bylaws because the board had too many directors and alternates.

The changes also allow town managers to sit ex-officio as voting board directors, give the board the power to remove directors or committee members and flesh out Executive Committee responsibilities.

After the vote to accept the changes, Bradley, exclaimed, “Hallelujah!”

Finance Committee member Bill Hine made the motions.

He said the Finance Committee needed to have authority to approve loans “to protect the confidentiality of the process.

“It will be better if the committee does loan approvals without ratification by the board, so we don’t have to discuss it in a public meeting,” Hine said.

When asked if the board could be held liable, Bradley said no, because directors were giving authority to the Finance Committee.

Hine said the $200 application fee, which is to be credited toward loan closing costs, was needed to cover paperwork costs.