Rewarding the cheats


This is in response to the letter from Kira Hebert, “Good decisions equal no help,” printed Feb. 17. I couldn’t have said it any better. She really hit the nail on the head.

In today’s society, everything bad seems to be acceptable. Lewiston and Maine have monetary programs that reward the cheats and the laziest of people who know the system. Such people come to Maine and to Lewiston to enjoy such benefits, paid for by our tax dollars.

Women who have never paid a penny into the system are having babies, some with different men. They are a good example of those who are being rewarded for their sins.

City and state officials say they want to save money. They could start by looking at the welfare system and ease out some of the cheats and liars. No one should be allowed to make a career of welfare. A cutoff date would eliminate such happenings.

I have two granddaughters in the same boat as Hebert β€” trying to better their future by attending the local community college, which limits them to a part-time job. They could use some help.

I don’t hold my breath.

Perhaps someone will wake up and figure out that it would be cheaper to support people such as Hebert than those who could care less about themselves as long as the money keeps coming in.

Getting a little help might also convince those like Hebert to remain in Maine for their chosen careers.

Bert Godin, Lewiston