Richard A. Gagne


LEWISTON – A funeral Mass honoring the life of Richard A. Gagne was celebrated on Friday at Holy Cross Church, after prayers at the Pinette and Lynch Funeral Home. The Rev. Daniel Greenleaf celebrated the Mass. At the beginning of Mass the Pall was placed on Mr. Gagne’s casket by all of his grandchildren and his wife, Jeannine Gagne placed the crucifix on the Pall. During Mass the readings were done by Lucy Bisson and Christine Gagne. General intercessions were read by Kathy Gagne. The offertory was brought up to the altar by Paul and Yvette Lachapelle and Bert and Jeannine St. Hilaire. Words of remembrance were expressed by Paul Lachapelle, Christine Gagne and Melissa Gagne. A reception of fellowship was held at Mr. and Mrs. Gagne’s home in Lewiston, after the funeral Mass.