Right to bear arms


When the U.S. Constitution was prepared, we were given the right to keep and bear arms. That right is not to be questioned, the reason being that the authors saw the evil in a central government and central bank. That way, when Congress starts legislating and passing bills without consent (Patriot Act, reform, etc.), and going against the republic, the republic can throw them out and restore a constitutional government.

If gun control gets any worse, that would be impossible.

There have been constant attacks on our civil liberties since 9/11 — liberties in exchange for freedom. The two have the same definition, so, what does that leave us?


Wonder what’s coming. Curfews? Weapons sweeps? Camps?

Maybe they’ll try for our hearts and minds. Hearts and minds?

What are we, stupid?

Their job is to kill, bottom line. Wake up.

Dyllan Jewell, Auburn