Right under your nose


Teachers, parents, and adults, do you know the things that go on right under your nose? Being a student in high school you hear lots of interesting stories. Do you know what most kids do at parties, supervised or not?

I was sitting in my math class and what I overheard horrified me. These kids, 13, 14 and 15 years old are drinking, smoking and having sex right under their parents’ noses. In my math class a group of students were discussing where they were going to get their alcohol and condoms so they could have a “good time” over the weekend. Another girl was actually bragging about how she was the “life of the party” pretty much prostituting herself. I understand that parents can only do so much when they work 40 hours a week and can’t be there to monitor their teens’ every move, but whatever happened to teaching morals? What about self respect, for your body and your mind?

My opinion is that parents should spend more time with their children. Go on vacations, spend the weekend together. Yeah, your kids may complain that they’re missing their favorite show, but in the long run they’ll appreciate it. Once they get used to spending time with their parents, slowly values and morals will get rubbed off on them. Don’t rely on TV and video games to babysit. Sit down and play some rummy or Mad Gab or even Monopoly with your kids.

And you, readers, you may be thinking, “whatever, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.” But I bet you would have liked a little more quality time with your parents. A few minutes to talk to them maybe? A night out eating supper or bowling or maybe a camping trip somewhere in the woods? Don’t lie to yourself, most people really do value the time spent with their parents, even if you do fight sometimes. Life is short and before you know it your parents will be in a nursing home and won’t remember your name. Eventually you’ll have to pick out their gravestone and say a few words before they are laid in the ground. All you’ll have left is a few memories; do you really want those memories to be of your mom slamming the door, or of your dad coming home late from work once again? Think about that.