Rights of the majority


I am writing with great concern regarding the report in the Feb. 24 Sun Journal: “Schools face transgender changes.”

I appreciate the front page attention given this very concerning matter. I completely disagree with the considerations by the Maine Human Rights Commission which may encourage schools to allow transgender students to use any bathroom or locker room of the gender they feel they most relate to. Even of more concern is that we are not talking about those who have a medically diagnosed condition, but any student who feels they may relate more to the opposite gender of their biological birth.

I understand that the mission of the Maine Human Rights Commission is to stand up against discrimination and protect those who need it. I agree with this mission and applaud much that it may do. However, on this matter the commission has simply gotten it wrong.

In an attempt to protect, it has actually gone too far in alienating the rights of the majority. This may even set up students to further discrimination and scorn.

Also, where is the attempt to direct students who have issues in these areas to the proper medical specialties that can help them?

Simply put, this is wrong on many levels and I encourage others who feel this way to make sure their voices are heard by superintendents, principals and school boards.


David Hyde, Temple