Ring’s owner found


MECHANIC FALLS – From her first reaction to the class ring, it was obvious the long-lost memento from high school had at last been placed around its rightful finger.

After sliding it on her hand, Cindy Noyes, née Billings, gazed down at the silver ring with its chunky emerald, seeing it for the first time in 12 years.

“I am so excited to have it back!” she said, her face glowing as if the ring were casting a light on her face.

But since it had been so long, she cannot remember where she originally lost the ring or even where she had last seen it.

For about a decade, it was stored in a little box of found objects kept by a woman who helps run a demolition company in Auburn. Bonnie Chabot said she discovers all sorts of bits and pieces, marbles and jewelry in the nooks and crannies of buildings about to be torn down. Although Chabot said she cannot recall the exact place she first saw Noyes’ class of 1990 ring, she said it likely turned up during one of her pre-demolition, last-chance surveys of a building.

After taking the ring out to clean it recently, Chabot said she was suddenly inspired to find its owner. She put a notice in the Sun Journal, and by doing so, set off a chain of communications that ultimately led to Noyes. But the ring had to take a circuitous route first.

Initially, the wrong Cindy from the Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School class of 1990 was contacted. But because she, too, had lost her ring about 18 years ago, she went to pick it up from Chabot. On her ride home, however, she discovered the name, “Cindy M. Billings,” etched inside.

Meanwhile, Noyes’ cousin read about the ring in the newspaper, called her aunt, who then called one of her nieces, who then called Noyes.

Noyes said she used to wear the ring all the time and will continue wearing it now.

“It is so beautiful,” she said. “Will you thank the lady who found it?”