River race winners are announced


LISBON FALLS – Chief Worumbo’s ninth annual Androscoggin River Race included 114 boats and 178 paddlers from as far away as the country of Poland. Paul Havenstein, 85, was the oldest and Arianna Ham, 3, the youngest.

Race results were as follows:

Weekend Warriors, pro category: Tim Hladky and Bob Dean, 42.49; John Mathieu and Bill Reagan, 43:46; Eric McNett and Ariel McNett, 47:06.

Solo female canoe: Sarah Quaintance, 71:10; Susan Amaral, 74:42.

Solo male canoe: Jim Meehan, 57:15; William Lunt, 61:02; Peter Wohl, 84.

Family: Brad, Dawn and Cade Krog, 57:55; Scott Chase and Jessica Bakeman, 66:36; Chuck and Ethan Masselli, 73:55.

Tandem female canoes: Clara and Helena Diodati, 78:55; Elizabeth Donnell and Haley Veilleux, 80:51; Andre Lyons and Christine Lyons, 88:47.

Tandem males: Bill Yeo and Rick Quaintance, 55:39; Ron Chase and Cody Huntington, 61:08; Jim Austin and Kyle Huston, 62.

Tandem mixed: Josh Bark and Ashley Mills, 66:49; Rick and Joyce Rendall, 66:51; Jennifer Lyons and Ben Parham, 68:11.

Ages +100 (ages of all in boat must total 100 or over): Mike Sproul and Bob Miller, 54:26; Donald and Matthew Carter and George Hamilton, 56:26; Peter Fiori and Harry Giddinge, 65:49.

Solo female kayakers: Roberta McLain, 53:30; Eve Hladky, 62:26; DeeDee Giguere, 64:56.

Solo male kayakers: John Carter, 55:02; Tom Reagan, 57; Bob Porter, 58:20.

Doubles kayakers: Ian Stewart and Kyle Bucklin, 60:36; Jay Levine and Adam Jacubski, 65:36; Bruce and Cooper Jones, 70:37.