Riverside Kwik Stop makes lunches for CMP linemen


JAY — From Nov. 1 to 7, Riverside Kwik Stop prepared 1,225 bag lunches for Central Maine Power linemen who restored power after a powerful wind storm swept across the state last month.

More than 400,000 CMP customers lost power Sunday and Monday, Oct. 29 – 30. 

Karen Quirrion said her sister works for CMP. Her family owns Riverside Kwik Stop and was asked to deliver bag lunches to Farmington for linemen working out of Farmington and Rumford.

“We started at 2:30 a.m, Quirrion said. “It took about two hours. The first day we drove them to Farmington, the next day we also delivered to Rumford and the third day we went to Stratton too,” Quirrion said. “It was for a good cause. The linemen got up every day. I could get out of bed to help.”

Each lunch had water, chips, a pastry, crackers, a sandwich and condiment packages. The Jay and Farmington Hannaford stores donated banana boxes to carry the bags.

Deana LeSuer, Quirrion’s sister, said 90 lunches were packed Nov. 1. One hundred and forty lunches were requested on Nov. 2, but another 60 were ordered later in the day. Two hundred lunches were delivered on Nov. 4 and 5.

“We were already busy serving customers without power from this area,” LeSuer said. “We had to be on the road by 3:45 a.m. to get them all delivered by 5. My parents, who own the store, missed all the fun. They were in Florida.”

LeSuer said her brothers, husband, daughter and in-laws helped. Quirrion delivered most of the lunches to Farmington. Brother Nelson DiPompo delivered to Rumford and Steve Doiron delivered to Stratton.

“I’d get about an hour of sleep and then had to be back to work here,” LeSuer said. “We outgrew space at the store and had to use my mom’s house for part of it. I wore the battery down on my phone in two days talking to and texting distributors for items.

“Every night somebody different helped,” LeSuer said. “It was definitely a family affair.”

Quirrion said Tuesday was the last day the meals would be needed.

“It was awesome,” Quirrion said. “I hope I don’t wake up at 2 a.m. tomorrow morning.”

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Riverside Kwik Stop in Jay was asked to provide lunches for CMP linemen while they worked to restore power around the state. Karen Quirrion stands behind some of the 1,225 bag lunches prepared during the early morning hours in the last week. (Courtesy photo)