Road along river collapses in Chesterville


CHESTERVILLE — A portion of the George Thomas Road in Chesterville collapsed late Thursday night.

The road located off Route 41, a turn after the bridge in Farmington Falls, winds along the Sandy River and turns in to New Sharon at the Tucker Brook Bridge.

The portion of road that collapsed is about one-tenth of a mile in from Route 41 and very near the river.

Residents beyond the cave-in and people traveling to the Sandy River Golf Course will need to travel to New Sharon and go up Cape Cod Hill or go down Route 41 to the Wheeler Road cut off and up past the Cape Cod Hill School, Chesterville Road Foreman Patrick McHugh said.

McHugh signed the damaged portion of the road after a New Sharon resident called him Thursday to warn him that something was wrong. There was a large crack on the shoulder of the road, he said. He scheduled a crew including large trucks to work on the road Friday but when he arrived at the site at 5:50 a.m. he found the road had already collapsed, he said.

The road continued to collapse as the crew surveyed the situation, he said.

Dennis Lafontaine, a resident whose home is located across from the damage said he heard a strange noise or “an impact” at about 11 p.m. Thursday night. Then his lights went out as a tree fell against electrical lines when the ground beneath it collapsed. Lafontaine said he didn’t realize the road had collapsed until Friday morning.

McHugh was waiting for some guidance from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection because of the road’s proximity to the river. McHugh said expects repairs to cost thousands of dollars and rebuilding the road means it will likely remain closed for a period of time.

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