Road traffic signs to change


LIVERMORE — Selectmen voted this week to put a stop sign on Botka Hill Road at the intersection of Goding Road.

The Maine Department of Transportation has also agreed to do a speed limit study on Goding Road, town administrative assistant Kurt Schaub said. The assumption is the speed on a rural, unmarked road is 45 miles per hour, he said.

Residents requested traffic sign changes and a lower speed limit on the road.

Selectpersons voted for the sign change Monday, Schaub said. Selectperson Brenda Merrill abstained from the vote.

Those traveling on Goding Road, which is just before the bridge over Androscoggin River to Livermore Falls, will no longer have to yield to Botka Hill Road traffic. The yield sign on Goding Road will be removed and a stop sign will be placed on Botka Hill Road, he said.

The Maine Department of Transportation had recommended the change a couple of years ago.

Those on Botka Hill, a short road that also intersects with Route 4, used to have the right of way. That was probably a left over when the bridge to Livermore Falls was at the foot of Botka Hill Road, Schaub said. That bridge is long gone with a new one built several yards away and connected at a different spot.

“Most people treat that intersection with respect as it is,” Schaub said. “You do have several roads leading into that intersection plus traffic coming off Route 4.”

Spruce Mountain Road which leads to the ski slope is near the intersections of Goding and Botka Hill and also has a stop sign.

“We will also be installing signs warning of dangerous intersection, one being on Goding Road and the other on the Botka Hill Road,“ Schaub said.

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