Road work bid awarded


BUCKFIELD – Maynard Farrar and Sons this week was awarded the bid for summer road work over David Bragg. Both bids were close, the only difference being in cost of gravel. Farrar’s price was $6 per yard over Bragg’s $8 peryard.

Their hourly rates were basically the same. Selectmen chose Farrar because they indicated they have been using the company and were pleased with the service.

Several appointments were made at Tuesday’s meeting: Gerard Gagnon and Skip Stanley were appointed to the Economic Development Committee for one-year terms, David Chabe was reappointed to the Recreation Committee, and Penny Holmes was appointed to the Recreational and Beautification Committee. Kay Hawkins was reappointed plumbing inspector.

In other action, selectmen approved the hourly rates for town employees not on salary. They also voted to extend a tax-lien foreclosure on the Harold Damon property until Jan. 30. At that time, all back taxes must be paid and Damon must show proof of insurance on the property. Town Manager Glen Holmes presented selectmen with the year-end financial reports, commenting, “The town looks good financially.”