Robbery suspect back in Maine


LEWISTON — Accused of tying up a woman at gunpoint during a robbery in October, John Michaud Sr. has been returned to Maine from Illinois.

Michaud, 49, is charged with robbery, burglary, criminal threatening and theft in the Oct. 12 attack inside the victim’s Park Avenue home.

Michaud made his initial appearance Wednesday afternoon in Lewiston’s 8th District Court. He was not required to enter a plea. Bail was set at $100,000 on the robbery charge.

Michaud is charged in the heist along with his son, 19-year-old John Michaud Jr., who was arrested last month in Florida.


The victim’s Ford Explorer, which had been taken in the robbery, was recovered Oct. 15 on Torrey Road in New Gloucester after it was set ablaze.

According to local records, the junior Michaud had a minor criminal record in the Lewiston-Auburn area. He was charged in 2016 with being a minor in possession of alcohol and violating bail conditions. His juvenile record was not available.

The younger Michaud remained in Florida on Wednesday, although he is also expected to be returned to Maine.

The elder Michaud has been convicted of several thefts and burglaries dating back to 2012, according to the Maine State Bureau of Identification.

He was being held Wednesday night at the Androscoggin County Jail in Auburn.

John Michaud Sr.

  • bob Mennealy

    Keep him locked up!

  • FrankE

    This was not just a burglary, they accosted a woman in her own home. I consider the home a safe zone and will protect that feeling with everything I have. If anyone intentionally enters someones e home unwanted and unexpectedly, and they encounter the home owner, If they don’t retreat immediately.I feel that much stronger punishments are called for. I couldn’t imagine anyone entering my home, Also, what are the laws about using deadly force? I assume I still have the right to protect my property and myself from harm. It seems every time you turn around they are giving more rights to the bad guys in these cases……………