When in Rome. . .


HEBRON – Hebron Academy Middle School seventh-graders recently finished a cross-subject unit on Ancient Rome, covering English, history and Latin. The culmination of their efforts was a Roman party, where students dressed in Roman clothing, put on a Roman play, ate Roman food and played Roman games.

In English, the class has been reading “The Eagle of the Ninth” by Rosemary Sutcliff, a historical novel about the Roman Empire. Latin and history came together to look at neo-classical architecture and art around campus as well as a general survey of Roman influence around Hebron.

They also teamed up to look at Roman artifacts ranging from pots to jewelry to coins from the age of Constantine. The students cleaned the coins to try to pick out the Latin phrases, words or numbers in order to determine exactly where and when the coin was made.

At the Roman party, the Latin class put on a play in Latin called “Anna et Rana” and the history students assumed the persona of a famous Roman and gave a brief presentation.

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