Rowe, Scarcelli file new campaign reports


Democratic gubernatorial candidates Steve Rowe and Rosa Scarcelli filed “accelerated” campaign finance reports on Friday with the state ethics commission.

The reports filed by Rowe and Scarcelli are simple and not very detailed, but they do show that Scarcelli has loaned her campaign about $72,000 since the last reporting date, April 27th. She has loaned her campaign a total of about $98,000.

Scarcelli’s campaign has raised about $400,000, including her loans, so far and has about $26,000 cash on hand, according to the latest report. She’s raised about $7,000 in actual outside contributions since the last report.

Rowe has raised about $12,000 since his April 27 report, according to his latest filing, and has not loaned any money toward his own campaign. He has raised a total of about $435,000 so far and also has about $26,000 cash on hand, according to the most recent report.

The reports are required of privately financed candidates who are running against Maine Clean Elections candidates and have raised more than $400,000.

Pat McGowan and Libby Mitchell, the two candidates in the Democratic primary using public funding, received preliminary funds totaling $400,000 and are eligible for matching funds up to $600,000 during the primary.


As a result of the latest filings, it would appear McGowan and Mitchell will each receive an additional $12,000 for their campaigns.

Maine’s primary election is scheduled for June 8.