Roxbury board OKs summer roads bid; town offered 4.8-acre land donation


ROXBURY — Selectmen OK’d the lone bid for summer roads work at Tuesday night’s meeting, rejected two other bids for a generator and plumbing, and received an offer to the town of nearly 5 acres of land off Roxbury Notch Road.

Chairman John Sutton said C. H. Stevenson of Wayne won the summer roads project with a bid of $17,677 after Selectman Timothy Derouche read through the bid work, comparing it to desired work on the town’s bid specifications.

Derouche motioned to accept the bid, which is contingent per Sutton on Mexico’s opinion of the Wayne contractor’s work being done in Mexico. Roxbury will also replace culverts as needed.

Selectmen Sutton, Derouche and Mike Worthley, who are also the town’s road commissioners, were asked by a few residents to oversee the work to ensure the quality.

“We need an engineer to look at all of our roads and tell us what we need,” Derouche said. “We’re road commissioners, but we’re not engineers.”

Bids of $1,700 by Jay Palmer and Sons Heating of South Paris for internal plumbing work at the town office to reduce iron content in the water, and $1,034 by Kelly Osgood of East Dixfield for a generator plug were unanimously rejected.

Reasons given were that selectmen want to try installing filters to alleviate the water problem and have yet to get a generator.

Sutton also read a letter from Christopher Coogan, vice president of SES World Skies of Princeton, N.J., formerly called SES Americom, who wants to donate 4.8 acres to the town and a small cash donation.

“This property was formally a satellite up-link facility, but has not been used by SES for several years,” Coogan wrote. “We do not foresee being able to use it in the future either.”

Coogan said they have recently cleared the property of all major structures, with the exception of some concrete foundations and a security fence.

“We would propose donating the property in ‘as is’ condition,” Coogan said. “We would be willing to include a small cash donation to help convert the property to an alternate use.”

Coogan said the company believes the land may have recreational uses for the town.

Sutton said that to his knowledge, this is the first time someone’s offered land to the town.

“It’s not often that folks give you property,” he said.

He recommended that Code Enforcement Officer David Bonney check the land to ensure there are no obvious oil spills or other problems, and that selectmen contact the Maine Municipal Association to learn the official procedure to accept property.

Selectmen Derouche and Worthley agreed, especially after a town firefighter who worked there said a lot of concrete was poured on the property, and that pillars were planted 50 feet deep.

In other business, selectmen and planners will meet at 3 p.m. Thursday, May 13, on the Mine Notch Road for a tour of the Record Hill Wind site atop Roxbury ridges.

Selectmen also authorized the town’s 175th Birthday Celebration Committee to take up to $1,000 from the miscellaneous account to use as a budget for the July 24 and 25 event. The committee was asked to reimburse the account with as much money as it can raise through sales.

Derouche also thanked whomever anonymously donated a flagpole and the American and POW-MIA flags to the town. A special flag-raising ceremony preceded the board’s meeting.

“It was very nice today, and it does improve the area,” Derouche said.

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