RSU 10 inks two labor contracts


DIXFIELD — The RSU 10 board came to two labor agreements with the district’s 30 nutrition workers Monday night following closed sessions.

Superintendent Tom Ward said a one-year agreement that ends on June 30, 2012, and a three-year contract agreement that ends on June 30, 2015, will result in equal salary schedules for all nutrition workers in the three regions at the end of the three-year contract.

“We’re taking four years to bring each region up to the same hourly pay and benefit schedule,” he said.

Included in the two contracts are an average of 3 percent wage hikes for each of the four years. Also, single employees will receive 94 percent of their health insurance paid by the district. Employees with families will have 84 percent of such premiums paid by RSU 10.

A second labor agreement for the teachers’ bargaining unit affects just one person this year, but could affect others in the future.

The board agreed to pay an additional $24 per hour for teaching a seventh course, and $24 for one hour of preparatory time.

The usual teaching load for secondary teachers is six courses.

A future agreement for those teachers who choose to teach additional courses will likely be a part of the process when the board and teachers’ union begin negotiations for a new three-year contract in 2013, Ward said.

The board’s unanimous votes for both the nutrition employees contract and the side agreement to the teachers’ contract were the final actions required to put both into effect. Both bargaining units have already agreed.