RSU 73 voters turn down $5.3 million school building project


JAY — Voters in all three towns in RSU 73 soundly rejected a bond Tuesday for a $5.3 million renovation-and-addition project at Jay high and middle schools.

The combined vote was 316-566, with Livermore residents voting 79-165, Jay voting 189-289 and Livermore Falls, 48-112.

The proposal would have allowed the two campuses of Spruce Mountain High School to combine into one campus in Jay in the 2013-14 school year.

Livermore and Livermore Falls residents voted in April to close the Livermore Falls campus as of June 30, 2013.

The school board reserved the option to reopen the Livermore Falls campus, if necessary.

Superintendent Robert Wall said that if the vote on the project failed, the board would have to review all options, including a smaller renovation-addition project.

The project included building a three-story, 17,800-square-foot addition to the end of the Jay school’s academic wing and expanding the band room at the adjacent Spruce Mountain Middle School. It also included $1.3 million to bring that school up to code.

Interest on a 20-year bond for the project was estimated to be $2.27 million, making the total cost $7.57 million, according to an amortization schedule.

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RSU 73 addition-renovation project rejected

Voting, by town

Jay: 189-289

Livermore Falls: 48-112

Livermore: 79-165

Total: 316-566