Rumford board given ordinance homework to consider


RUMFORD — Town Manager Carlo Puiia asked selectmen Thursday night to consider six potential ordinances or amendments to possibly bring before voters at town meeting in June.

These include regulations to govern use of town parks and recreation facilities, signs, all-terrain vehicles, and garbage and recycling collection and garbage disposal.

Puiia gave selectmen ordinances from several towns that pertain to each topic and asked them to take them home to take home to read. The board will decide whether to use the material to retrofit the ordinances or amendments to Rumford.

Talking about an ordinance to regulate use of town parks and recreation, Puiia recalled that dogs are not allowed on a field at the Hosmer Field Complex due to debris that was left behind.

“This is an ordinance that speaks to some of that and covers some other areas, but I’m not suggesting that this be entirely what we’re looking at,” he said while holding another town’s ordinance regulating such use.

Puiia said he would like to revisit the ordinance at a future board meeting with Parks Commission board members.

“It would give them an opportunity to work with us,” he said. “And we may not get it on this year’s vote. It may take us longer than that, but when I saw this, I thought it was a good idea because it gives you some structure on facilities.”

Puiia shared an ordinance from another town regulating political signs. He said selectmen might want to consider incorporating some of that language into Rumford’s sign ordinance.

“Now this next one I’ve been reading about and there are a lot of towns that do it, and it’s an All-Terrain Vehicle Ordinance,” he said. “We don’t have one but we should be working on one, so this may get the wheels turning, if you will.”

Puiia said another town’s ordinance regulating garbage and recycling also had good points to consider.

“The good thing about it is, it informs people what they can and cannot put on the curb and it also tells the citizens what they’re responsible for, if they have debris if they tear down an old shed,” he said.

Puiia said he’s also been researching hawkers and peddlers licensing and fireworks regulations. He said Gorham only allows people ages 21 and older to use fireworks, requires such use to be 150 feet from other structures and requires people who want to use them to get a permit for each use.

In other business, selectmen unanimously awarded the Rumford Public Library lighting replacement job to Bob Susbury of Mountain Stream Electric in Byron by approving his bid of $6,450.

The only other bidder was Duguay Electric of Dixfield, which bid $8,408.

A few years ago, the town had an energy audit done and determined that money could be saved if energy efficient bulbs were used in town buildings.

Lighting in the municipal building has already been replaced, Puiia said. Now it’s time to do the library.

Puiia said the library has light fixtures that are attached to the ceiling, which will require “gutting” the insides and modifying the fixtures so they can take the new energy efficient bulbs.

He said the job is approximately a two to two-and-a-half-year payback.

“So what we spend tonight, we won’t recoup for two years, and then from there on, we will continue to save on electricity costs, so I think it is a wise move on our part,” Puiia said.

He recommended Susbury’s bid, saying the price was less than town officials anticipated.

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