Rumford budget up at least 3 percent


RUMFORD — The proposed 2017-18 municipal budget is $8.34 million, or 3.19 percent more than this fiscal year, according to Treasurer Debbie Laurinaitis.

The budget does not include close to $200,000 in requests from 19 social service agencies and organizations, which will be listed in separate articles on the June 13 town meeting warrant. 

It also does not include a payment on the $2 million bond approved last year for reconstruction projects on the Island.

If those amounts are approved, total spending would be 5.2 percent more than this fiscal year’s $8.1 million.

“That doesn’t take into account the offsetting revenues,” Town Manager Linda-Jean Briggs said. “So if the revenues increase, that will offset expense increase.”

“The economy has improved dramatically, even though there’s some who say we’re still in the recession of 2008,” she said. “I’m specifically referring to Rumford. You can see it when people are coming in to register their cars. They’re not registering a 12-year-old car. They’re coming in (with) brand new vehicles. That in itself is affecting our revenues, with excise revenue.”

Those types of revenues have not yet been put on paper, she said.

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