Rumford casino is a great idea


I want to say what a great idea it is and to thank Mr. Carey, the founder of Evergreen Mountain Enterprises, and all his supporters (May 5). As for Dennis Bailey of the anti-gambling group CasinosNo!, I have a few questions, like: What would be best, to fight a casino that is proposing to give 39 percent of its revenue to the state? Or would it be wiser to look at the state itself, which has lottery tickets available at most every store and gas station in the state?

A casino is not as widespread as Lotto. A casino will provide more jobs than Lotto. A casino will not be under the noses of every person who stops for gas or to pick up a few things on their way home from work. A casino brings money to the people and stores in the state. This could go on, but I think you get the point.

Any local officials from the towns or state that try to fight this are not looking at the best interest of the people that need to work, but, rather, are looking at what Lotto stands to lose.

Mr. Bailey and his CasinosNo! need to get their priorities in order because the State Lotto Commission takes more from Mainers than a casino will, yet casinos offer more jobs!

I support bringing a casino to Oxford County, even to Rumford.

Edward Todd, Rumford